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Flip Training Pads
Flip Training Pads
Flip Training Pants
Flip Training Pant Side Panels
  • Stretch-to-fit side panels create custom fit
  • Unsnap side panels to make messy changes easier
  • Colorful interchangeable side panels allow for almost 200 potential looks
Training Pants Done Right!
Our one-size waterproof shell with removable stretchy side panels creates a comfortable fit, while the replaceable organic cotton pads let your little one learn by feeling wetness. Now your child can pull them up and down when itís time to go, or you can unsnap the side, making messy changes less messy.
Training on the Go?
Flip Disposable Inserts also work inside the Training Pant, so you can enjoy life on the go. Disposables can also be used in addition to the cotton pad to boost absorbency overnight.
Washing Instructions
Before First Use: For polyester products, wash hot (100F/40C) 3-5 times.
Use: Do not use rash creams.
Dirty Storage: Store in dry pail/bin.
Wash: Wash darks separately. Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (100F/40C) with bumGenius detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Line dry pant. No fabric softeners. Use ľ cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.
Fabric Content
Side Panels: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Items Included
1 pair of side panels. Training pant and organic cotton pad sold separately.

Fair wage and safe labor standards apply. *Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby. U.S. & international patents pending. Covers are manufactured in the USA or Egypt. bumGenius, Flip & Econobum are brands created by Cotton Babies, Inc.

"These are great. Highly absorbent and trim. And used with the flip trainer cover I haven't had a leak. My little one doesn't complain about wearing these either way so they must be comfortable."